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Automatic watering for your plants and balcony garden

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We are officially registered with the Govt. Of India as Smartdrip. 

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Beautiful Garden, Zero Stress

Smart and judicious watering of your plants

Smartdrip - Automatic plant watering for balcony garden in India

Ask yourself this one simple question: 

How many times have you killed your house plants because you forgot to water the plants on time? 

And do you remember how bad you felt when your plants wilted the last time you went on a vacation and there was no one to water the plants?


Smartdrip was designed to prevent this. Smartdrip is an automatic water controller that uses drip irrigation for your home garden. With powerful cloud computing and data analytics, you never have to worry about damaging your plants ever again. And you can control and track your watering system from anywhere in the world on your phone. 

So the next time you have to go out of town, Smartdrip will be your trusted vacation time plant watering system. Keeping your precious garden healthy and thriving should be the least of your worries!

Minimum water, maximum peace of mind

Smartdrip - Automatic plant watering for balcony garden in India

You stay connected with your balcony garden from anywhere in the world. Automatic watering and monitoring has never been easier. 

Smartdrip is proudly Made In India!

Smartdrip - Automatic plant watering for balcony garden in India

We are working on creating a product tailored for Indian conditions. Help us conserve water and build great products!

Save more than 50% water and your time

What drives us?

Our mission is to enable environmentally sustainable utilization of water resources. 

Smartdrip is our first Internet of Things (IOT) product that fully automates water scheduling and remote operations. 

We are super excited about supporting the urban farming and urban gardening movement in India. We believe that Smartdrip enhances urban gardening by reducing water consumption and reducing the effort needed for maintaining the gardens.

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