Frequently Asked Questions


How does the system work?

Smartdrip controller switches the pump on and off to water your plants with drip irrigation. You can configure the schedule , for example, when do you want to water the plants, for how long, on what days of the week? Once you set up the schedule, the system will water the plants at that given time automatically. 

The schedule can be fully controlled via your phone remotely. We also send you notifications so that you are informed when the system switches on, or when your water level is low. 

Smartdrip also logs the water and temperature so that we can give you the trend of water consumed every month.

Is there a manual mode of operation?

Yup. You can automate the watering and set up the schedule. Or you can also manually water it remotely, or directly from the controller. This is extremely useful when you want to water the plants without changing the regular schedule. 

And you can always show your guests a cool demo sitting in your living room!

What else do we need apart from Smartdrip?


You only need to buy the water storage tank  and the the drip pipes/drip kit. 

You can buy this in the form of drip kits from multiple vendors in India. Since the number of drippers depends on the size of your balcony, we don't want to send you an oversized "one size fits all" solution.  But please reach out to use in case you need help with the selection and we will gladly send you some links.

We do provide additional service offerings in Pune if you want help with laying down the drip pipes in your garden.

How many plants can I water with Smartdrip?


According to our specifications, Smartdrip can support watering for 100 plants with 4 liter/hour drip emitters at ground level. 

Since we use a powerful pump, Smartdrip can also be used with hanging plants ( upto 2 meter above ground).

We can also configure Smartdrip to work with 2 pumps at the same time. That way you can water two separate plant zones separately. This comes handy for larger terraces.

Will I get any notifications if water level is low?

Absolutely! We send notification so that you can refill the water tank as and when needed. 

Additionally, the system protects the pump by cancelling watering cycles till you refill the water tank. This ensures that you don't damage the pump by accidentally running the pump without any water.

We also send additional notifications when the pump is activated so that you know Smartdrip is giving your plants the necessary attention.