My Mom's balcony garden in Pune

Inspiration for Smartdrip

Let me tell you the story of how Smartdrip came into being. My mother is a school teacher and my role model. When she isn't busy grading the exams, or painstakingly making all of our favorite food dishes, she LOVES taking care of her balcony garden in Pune!

Every morning, she loves sitting there sipping her cup of tea and enjoying her quiet time before the daily madness begins. And before leaving for work, she diligently waters the plants everyday: 2 large buckets of water - one mug at a time for each plant.

A few summers ago, she was traveling out of town for 2 weeks and she told me and my brother to ensure that we water the plants daily - without fail. You know where I am going with this! Peak summers in India are harsh, and flowering plants and terrace gardens don't do well when you forget to water the plants - just because you are too busy hanging out with your friends.

Long story short, most of the plants didn't make it. On returning from her vacation, both of us were in for a tough time! Eventually though, my mom did resurrect the garden. But the experience stayed with me.

For something as simple yet important as watering your plants, one should not have to worry about it at all! Beautiful gardens should not have to depend on someone remembering to water them daily. And water being a precious resource, shouldn't be wasted at the rate of 2 buckets a day.

And that is what Smartdrip is all about. Ensuring your peace of mind, and a healthy and beautiful garden. All with minimum amount of water. So the next time you go out of town, keeping your precious garden healthy and alive should be the least of your worries!

P.S: Last time I checked with my Mom and Dad, they said the system works so well, that they don't have to even pay attention anymore. Except when Smartdrip sends a notification that the water level is low.

I'd say, that is Mission Accomplished!